Hydraulically operated Coil Tilting Tables

The universal Ones, for all Weight Classes

The hydraulically driven coil tilting tables, offered by Seidel Handlingsysteme GmbH, mainly consist of a solidely welded machine body plus a very stable base. The hydraulically operated drive is done by big dimensioned hydraulic cylinders as per newest state of the art. This drive moves the tilting unit between horizontal and vertical final positions. During this movement the tilting unit is moved via 4 extremely stable hinges.   

The tilting unit itself is welded out of precisely produced steel parts with additional reinforcers. One side of the tilting unit does have a prism for pick up of the coil in vertical position, the other side does have a horizontal plate, for pick up of a coil in horizontal position, lying on a pallet or on cross beams. Depending on the version of the coil tilting table, this side, in the middle, additionally can have a cut-out, so that the coil standing on the prism will be easily accessable for being taken away by crane or coil transport cart.   

The distance between the prism and the plate, which is standing opposite to the prism within 90° angle, is big enough to put into or take out of this space a pallet or cross beams after having tilted the coil. 
Small coils will be protected against dropping down by safety rods or optionally by safety swords.

Hydraulically operated coil tilting tables are available for the complete range of coils, as standard versions up to 30 tons. As special versions we also can offer them for bigger coil weights. They are available for coil widths up to 1.500 mm as well as for 2.000 mm coil outside diameter. Coil tilting tables for bigger coil dimensions also can be offered upon request.

Hydraulically driven coil tilting tables do not need foundations or floor bolting.

In case of being equipped with forklift pockets for being transported by forklift, they easily can be moved to different places within the production building in order to do their tilting work.

As far as the coil tilting table is equipped with a "dead-man-control" (2-Hand-Control), it also can be used without safety fence. This saves a lot of space at place of erection of the coil tilting table. The maximum allowed tilting speed of a coil tilting table with dead-man-control is lower than the speed of a coil tilting table with safety fence installation. The coil tilting tables listed here upon coice are available with or without safety fence installation.

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